Unfortunately google play services has stopped

Unfortunately google play services has stopped

How can I fix the “unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped” error message on my Android tablet?


1. Clear the Google Play Store cache

In most cases, you can stop the Play Store faltering just by emptying the app’s cache. The cache is a storage area that temporarily holds data so it can be quickly retrieved without needing to be reloaded. To empty the cache:

  • Go to Settings > Apps. Tap All > Google Play Store then finally tap the Clear Cache button.


In the Play Store app, you can clear the cache, clear data and uninstall updates.


2. Clear out your Play Store data

Deleting your data from the Play Store works along the same lines as our first tip, but is more drastic. It sets the app back to square one and gets rid of your saved information, hopefully including whatever glitchy data was causing the problem.

  • As with the previous tip, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store, but this time tap Clear Data.

3. Uninstall Play Store updates

Sometimes an update to your Play Store app will do more harm than good. If you think that’s the case, it makes sense to uninstall that update.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store, then tap the button that says Uninstall Updates.This will revert Google Play back to the original version (as it appeared when it was first installed on your device),
  • Next, you’ll need to find an older – but still recent – version of the Play Store app to download. The best way to do this is by going to the Google Play Store page on APK Mirror and download it from there.
  • If you need help installing the Play Store APK, we have a guide on how to do it at the link.


You can find previous Play Store versions at APK Mirror.

4. Clear data and cache on Google Play Services

If Google Play Store is the beating heart of your Android device, then Google Play Services is its soul. Play Services is the enigmatic background process that brings the scattered pieces together and makes them greater than the sum of their parts. In other words, it allows apps to communicate with different parts of your device, enabling them to sync, send push notifications and so on. It is possible that Play Store problems could stem from issues with Google Play Services. To solve them:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play services then tap the Clear Cache button. If that fails to solve the problem, come back to this page and tap the Clear Data button.


Go to the Google Play services page, then scroll down and tap ‘Clear Cache’ or ‘Clear Data’


5. Install the latest version of Google Play Services

Another thing that may help is to download and install the latest version of Google Play Services. The most current version of the software is likely to be the most stable, so it’s useful to keep it updated. Read our tutorial at the link above to find out how to get the latest version.


Is your Google Play Services app up to date?

As a last resort you can try a Factory Reset;

Perform a factory data reset on your smartphone

If you’re still facing problems after having tried all of the above, then you may have little choice but to do a factory reset. Be warned that all of your data will be lost, so perform a complete backup beforehand. To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Backup & reset, then make sure the ‘Back up my data’ slider is on. Tap ‘Back up account’ to select which account you want your data backed up to.
  • Once you’ve done this, go to the Backup & reset menu and tap the ‘Factory data reset’ button at the bottom. Confirm that you want to do this, and you phone will be as good as new. Your backed up data will be restored when you log back into your Google account.


Make sure you’ve selected ‘Back up my data’ before performing a factory reset



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